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Sustainability at Marissa Eykenloof

18 Mar 2021
by Marissa Eykenloof







We craft our jewelry with the finest materials we can find to make sure the pieces you get will be the best quality.


Ethical sourcing

We use only ethically sourced, hand-cut gemstones. We want to make sure that all of the materials we use come from a good place. Each stone is hand cut meaning every Marissa Eykenloof piece you own is entirely unique. 


Recycled Silver and Gold

We use recycled Silver (925) and recycled gold (18K and 14k) for our beautifully crafted jewelry.

Recycled silver and gold are eco-friendly alternative to newly mined silver and gold, made of 100% recycled sterling/gold silver. It is made from old jewelry, medical equipment and electronics that is melted down and reformed into workable wire, sheet, grain and solder. No purity is lost in the recycling process. Recycled precious metal is of the same quality as newly mined precious metal, but dramatically more sustainable. From saving plants, animal life and ecosystems to reducing CO2 emissions, toxic waste and energy. Recycled silver/gold and in fact all recycled metals offer a more sustainable solution to a great environmental problem.

Recycled precious metal is as good as non-recycled precious metal! No purity is lost in the process of extracting sterling silver and gold from used sterling silver and gold items. The silver and gold produced at the end of the process is still pure


Hand selected

We source our natural gemstones from all over the word. Stones are then handpicked by experts who sought out the best ones for their color and pattern to make sure they look amazing when they’re cut.


Hand Set

We work with talented craftmen in Jaipur to create the best cut to unlock each gemstone’s raw beauty, cutting each one from rough by hand. Emphasis on working with each stone’s natural character and inclusions makes sure the best of the stone gets shine and it’s something our artisans are incredibly skilled at


Caring for your gemstones

As all our gemstones we use are natural they required some special care. Make sure not to use any harsh chemicals, hot water or cleanser to clean them. Clean your gemstones with a clean, soft, dry or damp cloth after wearing to keep them shining bright.




Click here for our Jewelry Glossary


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