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We use Ecosilver (925) and Ecogold (18K and 14k) for our beautifully crafted jewelry.

Ecosilver and ecogold are eco-friendly alternative to newly mined silver and gold, made of 100% recycled sterling/gold silver. It is made from old jewelry, medical equipment and electronics that is melted down and reformed into workable wire, sheet, grain and solder. No purity is lost in the recycling process. Recycled precious metal is of the same quality as newly mined precious metal, but dramatically more sustainable. From saving plants, animal life and ecosystems to reducing CO2 emissions, toxic waste and energy. Recycled silver/gold and in fact all recycled metals offer a more sustainable solution to a great environmental problem.

Recycled precious metal is as good as non-recycled precious metal! No purity is lost in the process of extracting sterling silver and gold from used sterling silver and gold items. The silver and gold produced at the end of the process is still pure. 


Many factors can influence the condition of Jewelry. Follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your jewelry last for a long time.



  1. Avoid direct contact with lotion, cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and other chemicals
  2. Clean jewelry when undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft dry cloth to remove oils and perspiration.
  3. Store jewelry individually placed in pouch or within a box with a soft interior to prevent scratches or tangle



  1. Wear jewelry when doing physical work, exercise etc.
  2. Expose jewelry to water. Remove your jewelry when showering, swimming or bathing.
  3. Expose jewelry to extreme temperatures